Fallen Ruins (Whitelisted) (Fan-made sequel to Beneath The Ruins)

Status: Finished, Whitelisted
ID: 1909552328
Temporary ID: 1367454798
Room 1(The end of Beneath The Ruins):

Room 2:

Room 3(Extreme Room 1):

Room 3-1(Button Room):

Room 4(The lift):

Room 5(The acid room):

Room 6:

Room 6-1:

Room 7(Flood Escape 2 Lobby):

Room 8(Secret Room of FE2 Lobby):

Room 8-1(The end room):

Youtube Video:


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can you tell me what is your model?

Its fine. its just i love your maps and its amazing that u used my model

also, thats the model. its ok u can use it

(actually, i didn’t use your model. anyway thank you for loving my maps)

it looks similar

(i dont know what im saying)

I saw the map before this post was made. Cool challenge! will you bring back your other really hard map soon?

U need to make the room less blocky
And also add more detail in room 6-1???
But still good job! Nice

here we go again with BTR :roll_eyes:

ok, I have some suggestions for if you want it in the real game:

  1. try not to use the BTR music (you can use it, but I think it’s own ost is better)
  2. the last bit with the fe2 lobby seems like a map to be saved for FE3 (if there is gotta be one)

This is basically Eradicated Facillity but it was remade by you. There’s already a map like this.

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(late) when I first watched the vid the red hurt my eyes xD

pretty sure a few

if it’s not whitelisted than how are there videos of people completing it?

I’m pretty sure he forgot to remove it or somethin’

I changed the music.

its sad that it isnt playable. I really wanted to play it :frowning: i mean its playable but eventscript got removed and buttons wont work.

It’s playable now.