Favorite things about FE 1 You hope to see improved in FE2?

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A brand new gamemode, maybe similar to extreme mode but less challenging. Large maps, alot of fun, and alot of obstacles :smiley:

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More reliable physics for platforming. This is something I’m personally working towards.

Here’s some issues that are persistent in the majority of roblox (some included in FE1) which annoy me:
When a player jumps, if it’s right on the edge it’s not a full jump, kinda like a baby jump.
Player collision, this is most annoying since you can get punished for other players getting in your way.

Here’s how I’m ridding of those bugs:
When a player jumps their velocity will be set directly to that of their jumppower regardless of being fully on a platform or not. If they jump, they jump.
With the new CollisionGroups feature coming out I will use it to fully disable player collision (Currently a hacky method is used whereas you can walk through yet still stand ontop of other players).


Sounds epic-- reminds me more of how platforming characters jump in other video games. So you’re saying there will be weight to their jump power rather than the usual static jump?

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Training mode

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Singleplayer and Adventure Mode actually making an appearance.


Single player sounds gnarly but adventure mode?

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What meaning of gnarly?

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Gnarly is pretty much just a cool way of saying “nice” or “epic” or “awesome” I guess.

‘‘Gnarly’’ means cool or sick. It’s a term from the 80’s as well as rad or wicked or ‘‘my dudes.’’

The flood gauntlet and a flood sword

I agree, but only if they are obtainable without spending Robux… I don’t want players to show off there being rich.

Yeah that makes sense maybe you have to win a certain amount of levels to get a flood sword like how you had to get a certain amount of points im FE1 for a sword then that would be good. (Or you can just maybe have to buy it for a couple of coins)

Cool am i late

Ehh, probably singleplayer.

Oldest topics.

I’d like to see an extreme difficulty and a training in the secret room.