Favourite School Subject?

If you don’t have it then don’t vote it. (DUH).

  • Maths (Algebra etc.)
  • Geography
  • History
  • Languages
  • Science (Biology etc.)
  • Physical Education (P.E)
  • Music
  • Art
  • Technologies (Digital, Food, Materials etc.)
  • English
  • Other (Because I missed it or may not know it)

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Is languages mother tongue?

Maths is my favourite.
Except drinking tea in school on breaks

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PE is my jam. I like playing rugby and my 2 PE teachers encourage us to keep trying,
my least favourite? History and Laungage, the teachers & subjects are boring

I don’t know but my least favorite is Maths


Ah yes everyones least favourite subject math

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I find this impossible to why this post does not have computing (or I.C.T)

I am doing Wood Technology, next term I’m doing Food
My Top 5 Lessons.

  1. PE
  2. Technology
  3. English
  4. Music
  5. Art

you sure about that

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maths is alright, but its not the best.
I am in the top set for Maths, yet im the dumbest in there

alright no need to brag

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im somehow in top set despite being dumb
probably bc i did good in SATS

Ah yes he had to flex on us

go to the high school

can i flex more? bc umm
im top set in english xd

im in lowest for maths

top group for english

too good for computing

top for maths and english
A BEAST in computing
a Horrible Beastt in PE
good at kicking ppl in their no no’s
no joke

yeah this was probably a joke but if you actually meant this i’d just laugh

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