FE1 Map Kit for my Map Test

While I’m making Map Test, here’s map kit for it: https://www.roblox.com/library/6548490233
(oh yeah the instructions might be very confusing cus i sux)


Each room should be made separately, since they are separate in actual fe1


Im still confused with somethings
I must put on sale the model that contains the gamearea + map?
where do I name a specific room? it says to rename the group name, but which one?
is there any example in how I should make it pls?
and where do I whitelist ingame? I dont see any whitelist button

finally a person got confused e
so basically u must put ur model on sale that contains the map
to name a specific room rename the map model
the whitelist button is basically load button lol

(ill rewrite instructions soon ree)

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This seems pretty cool!

Finally an excuse for me to make a map? :thinking:


but what u mean the map?
a specific room? the entire kit? all the rooms?
im still rlly confused lol

all the rooms u made (not the gamearea)

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then I must put onsale only a specific room with settings folder inside?
I just made one room for now
what do I do?

yea the map is basically the model with settings folder inside
u publish that

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ok then
I published the model and clicked to whitelist