FE1 Map Test is here!

Abit buggy, but works…
Game: https://www.roblox.com/games/6548237712
Map Kit: https://www.roblox.com/library/6548490233

uhhhh ok


but why


cus yes

Queue has been fixed and you can now submit your map!

i have map kit

Ok this is the problem I see with every “blank map test” How are we supposed to find the maps lol

Also please make vip servers a thing please it’s gonna be so hard to play the maps you want with a 50 player server

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who wants to help me port all the rooms from the classic lava escape 2 that aren’t in flood escape into flood escape 1 map test?




Ah yes I’m still fixing it.
Anddddd, vip servers will be a thing but later

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Map List fixed.

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This is very cool! I will probably make a map but I got no clue since I got other things to do.

Also random question, when was this version made? Because when I played it, I had more fps than the new Flood Escape game. (Not Fe2)

But anyways cool idea, I just recommend making vip servers and making them free, just like how @fededoesstuff said.

The map test was built in the version 1.6.5 (i forgot um) which is released around 2018, I think? Also yeah I’m working on VIP Servers right now (and also the map inserting thing h)

No wonder why Fe1 was smooth when I played that version, because it was made in 2018. At that time, my pc was 3 years old, so that means I could run 8 graphics with 30-40 fps. And today I can only play at one graphic and get the same fps. (Yeah I really need an upgrade lol)

version 1.6.5 is from like 2015 lol pretty sure


V0.02 Released:
-Map Discovery
-Updated Kit

yea thats basically it

Hmm I might do one for this

Congrats Man! I really appreciate it! :clap: