[FE2] Animated Water

I have created a granite animated water.
I don’t know if i the first person to create it, or not.
Take this model.

Do you know how i did this?

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yEs We KnOw

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its with beams lol

we knows xd


i hope this is sarcasm


im not dumb

AQLRIGHTYS, did you make it using beams…

…or there exists another way? :thinking:

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really dude you don’t know how to make moving textures

sorry if this sounds offensive

don’t worry, this is not offensive
this is toxic and rude

yeah im rude, deal with it. that’s who i am.

Here’s the model with the texture. Insert the Texture ID into the Lava’s ID, and then now convert the neon to plastic.

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go on TextureAcc’s decals

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yes of course everyone knows lol