[FE2]: Cargo

Status: 30%
[id] : not out yet
Enjoy and hope like!

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hmmmm interesting

looking nice so far, perhaps add a few lights since it’s looking a bit dark

Looks okay so far.

not bad, maybe add more rooms

Potential looks good here! Seems interesting aight

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Meh looks ok

Looks very very 2018ish to me.

reminds me of that old cargo map from 2017/2018

Nah.It’s more like Dilapidated Platforms to me.

very nice so far, though you can decorate the wooden platforms a little further since it looks very out of place compared to other stuff in the map.

heavily reminds me of cargo chaos by iidamoreos, looks really cool though!!!

Thanks for the feedback guys! Appreciated very much.

It looks a bit messy, I would adjust the lighting and use different types of cargo other than just boxes (like this blue thing)

stock image ecks dee

Why are you reminding me of Oil Rigged


i think the map died and not gonna get no more updates

No its in the works.

How is this not stated WIP in the title