Fe2 community maps not loading for me

so um now fe2 community maps uptated 11/13/20 and I think they ajusted the loading but this is a problem because it does not do that 0 player bug error thing now it just takes a long time to load that it almost does not even load


i think they mean that they’re stuck at the default loading page everytime they join

Other than that Crazyblox has nothing to do with it. Roblox is what to blame. Its cause it’s trying to load you in and reserve a new server but it freezes and it doesn’t load in cause it sync’s pretty bad to send a signal to the game. So it will auto kick you for supposed internet connection I may be wrong But I think thats the reason. Try the solutions on how to fix it below.

First solution is simple and fast. But you either need robux or another friend to have some. If you have or your friend has a vip server join it. (no it doesn’t matter if the owner of it joins you can do it without him/her) When you spawn in, turn right and there will be a panel of four gamemodes.
1st is the normal FE2.
2nd is the chaos FE2.
3rd is the pro lobby.
4th is FE2 Community maps solo
You would want to press the 4th one. It will auto reserve a server forcing it to do it cause your going from another place to the game itself. And cause your in it, in any way it will teleport you to the solo lobby instantly.

The second solution is easy, cheap but needs lots of patience. You have to refresh the page and watch if there’s a player in the lobby (at least one) quickly join it to not get kicked out. Of course the bug is for everyone. So it will be very hard to stay still and watch.

That’s all! But I think Roblox fixed the bug. I am not getting kicked out so much as before. But it does happen like today it would infinitely load in for an hour or two and would never show up and nevcer kick you out. So hope it helps!

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the only thing is idk if this only happens for me

atleast i can join vip servers on discord but if some wont let me put maps so i guess ima stick with vip servers

another thing is that if i have to test maps it probably gonna be hard to do it on some people’s vip server’s

you’re not alone i experienced the same issue

i atchully dont wanna make a big deal out of this so its okay to flag this topic anyone?

there’s no need to really just wait until a month passes by and it’ll close automatically

i didnt say you have to be only in vip servers. I meant join a vip server without owner is available and turn your cam to the right to see a tab bar and press the join at the community maps one. lol