FE2 Custom Module! (Custom Rescue! + Bring LocalScript!)

Hi, guys! How are you all? Well, I created a new Module which will make the map able to do more things, like: nore options in Rescue and the back of LocalScript in Map!


  • Custom Text Script got fixed, now all maps which uses the Custom Text Script need get again the model and use the new version.
  • Rescue Script got reduced due complications to RescueZone and RescueMarker.
  • New Organization on the Custom Folder.

Version: 1.7.3
Link: Flood Escape Help Kit - Roblox

If you find any bug, say to me and I will see it.

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What bug

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This is why I should of kept my module, you know what I’m bringing it back, this is way too complicated and we have 30 versions of rescue missions.


When you put more than 2 accessories, they don’t appear in the form which you want in your Rescue. So I have rescripted it to make it possible to put more than 2 accessories.

I know, but I do this version to the people can make their Rescue without errors with accessories.

nice but its the wrong category, should be moved to #map-developers

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Ok, I’ve changed now. =w=

is me the people

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Lol xd

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aranha do you are playing fe2 in a vip server cause…
cause my friend is playing in a vip and have your avatar on server

hes not even online lol

Which friend?

eduardo77 or something like that

Nop, I don’t play with eduardo77, I didn’t even know who is him. ;-;

the name is eduardo377872

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Nop, I don’t know who is him.

ok… but here is link: https://web.roblox.com/users/1624080426/profile

Now you can customize the color of Rescue Zone using:

--[[ Variables ]]--

--// Modules //--
local RescueUpdate = require(3518019342) -- Script which will make the rescue works!

--[[ Rescue Script ]]--

RescueUpdate:Run() -- Will fix the Escapee of your map and update it!

RescueUpdate:SetZoneColor(Color3.fromRGB(127, 127, 127)) -- Will set a color to the RescueZone!

Other thing which I forgot to say to you guys, you can change the Escapee’s face. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going fix the module soon, this module will have automatic fix, like:
PrimaryPart Automatic.
Fix the NPC with accessories.