FE2 Daily Questions

This post is for daily questions about FE2. These questions are not problems with FE2, but are questions for your opinion!

What is your favorite difficulty level in FE2?

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Insane
  • Crazy

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Hard is the best (imo) but also the hardest difficulty to make.

One thing (or more) can bump it up to an Insane pretty easily.

Insane is good as pretty much noone makes Insanes too.

Thank you for explaining why you chose Hard! :+1:

The poll that was created this morning will close tomorrow at 8:30 EST, so vote now!

Sorry, the poll that was created just now, you can’t see who voted what. The poll will now be re-created!

What is your favorite ElectroBlast199 map?

  • Closing Hours
  • Nemesis
  • The Grid
  • Forsaken Era
  • Kozui Peak
  • Core
  • Mysterium

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The poll is now open and “show voting” is enabled! Now you can see who voted what!

This poll that was created yesterday at 8:00 EST will close at 8:00 EST tomorrow, make sure you vote during the day!

hardest map in game

  • Blue Moon
  • Dark-Sci Facility
  • Lost Desert
  • cAsTlE tIdEs
  • Abandoned Facility
  • Other

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A new poll will now be created!

Who is the best map builder?

  • Phexonia
  • FedeDoesStuff
  • Ocinim
  • Dr_Right2
  • Crazyblox
  • GustForce

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I make the polls in this post.

This post is now disbanded, please don’t revive this post.


  • potato attack
  • we will eat your ises
  • i like trains, you like trains, we all like trains!!1!!1
  • paste tides is really the best map evur
  • <dddede
  • e
  • <f
  • <uuuuuuuuuuu
  • the end
  • ok bye now

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i find Gust and Dr Right as my fav creators idk who to votw

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This post is now alive again!

rip i was about to click on it :pensive:

What is your favorite FedeDoesStuff map? Version 2

  • Forsaken Foundation
  • Rainy Hillside
  • Foggy Woodlands
  • Discharged Industries
  • Flooded trASh

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I accidentally pressed a different option. That’s why I deleted it (well it will be deleted in 24 hours).