FE2 Daily Questions

My favorite is Foggy Woodlands. I’m a normal person? Lol

am i allowed to vote
uh id say fwl

Yes! You are allowed to vote!

What is your favorite Phexonia map? (Not collaboration maps, all solo maps)

  • Forest Field
  • Metal Industry
  • Destruction Facility
  • System Laboratory
  • Mysterious Seas
  • Snowy Mountains

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Random question time! Would you rather…

  • Eat your least favorite food for a week
  • Eat your most favorite food for a day

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Who created Submerged Science?

  • Enszo
  • Occida
  • Aspa102
  • disney12
  • PlayVoider

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Who created Axiom?

  • disney12
  • Alexlegs
  • Purple_Guy121
  • X_Mahkota
  • bouyantair

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What are you saying?

Waving Facility vs P.L.U.G.

  • Waving Facility by Enszo, TWB_92, and Vuurse
  • P.L.U.G. by Skynet20, manuelpazperez, Kaguachii, Estheticalism, and YouyThes24MYouMaster

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plug cuz i like it more than waving + esthe and youy are my friends lol

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P.L.U.G. vs Shutdown

  • P.L.U.G by Skynet20, manuelpazperez, Kaguachii, Estheticalism, and YouyThes24YouMaster
  • Shutdown by tony333444 (Trilix)

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haha i bet i will get hate for not preferring shutdown :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

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Shutdown vs Future Ruins

  • Shutdown by tony333444 (Trilix)
  • Future Ruins by Enszo and Vuurse

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@Vis Your map is on the FE2 wiki. (Flood Freezer) :smiley:

I love insanos, it’s the only mode that makes the game funny

Shutdown vs The Lobby Escape

  • Shutdown by tony333444 (Trilix)
  • The Lobby Escape by spidercraft782 and PlayVoider

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what even is the lobby escape

I think there are free models in this map but my friends don’t think so.