FE2 Emote - Split ( With bone sounds! 🦴)

Desc: Ouch.
Price: 400 Flood Coins
Also someone got a better name for this?

The name would be like: Dance Failure.

Also, cool animation.

And, welcome to the forums!

Thanks! :blush:
I am a veteran of this game playing FE2 Since 2.5 years! (okay maybe less but still before the new button icon)

This should be slower, with bone cracking noises, so it sounds and looks more painfull tbh


fe2 review:
hey what’s up gamers fellow host harru aka harri here
i just came back and it’s time for fe2 review
today we’ll be doing a stretch or what us boomers called the splits
i’ve never done it before but could be challenging
i’ve seen loads of videos of doing this
i’ll start now
ok 3 2 1
ok i am performing the emote
i think my bone just broke
well guys that’s the end of fe2 review goodbye i will now die

Speed up the animation, and maybe, just maybe, it’ll be more painful.

I am editing with sound

my name idea


Okay time to name it ,Split"

split by serponge

brooo gd vibes here

ooh, that must hurt