FE2 Is Dead?!?!?!?!?!?

So, I realized back then Flood Escape 2 had, like, 1K players average, and now it has 300 players average.

Post update ideas here to save Crazyblox’s game.

EDIT: how does FE1 have more players than FE2?




FE1 having more players than FE2 just goes to show that just because something’s updated doesn’t mean the original isn’t just as good, if not better, to some people.

But with all that aside, FE2 really needs some updates.

And I have some do’s and don’ts for those updates.

:smile: The Do’s :smile:

  • Do add more maps. There are so many good maps to choose from. It’s probably not THAT hard… well, it might be, I’m not Crazyblox.
  • Do add modes. We already have pro servers, so why not add a Classic mode with unqiue maps where it plays more like FE1? You could unlock it at Level 15. And that could bring more oppurtunities, like adding a Brawl mode, where you battle with the Flood Swords from FE1. You could unlock it at Level 20 or get it instantly if you bought the Flood Sword gamepass from FE1. Extreme mode could be a thing as well, which could make maps even harder but give more bonuses, unlocked at Level 50 or with the Extreme pass from FE1.
  • Do add Crazy difficulty. I mean, come ON, this is a GIVEN! We’ve been waiting for how long, just give us Crazy difficulty soon! Maybe within the next few months? PLEASE!!!
  • Do add more powerups. By powerups, I mean things like the air tanks. Maybe a higher tier air tank that gives you 500 more air?? Suction cups that let you walk up Wall-Jump walls instead of jumping off them(timed, of course)?? Flippers that make you move faster underwater(timed as well)?? We need more of this variety! You could have Grappling Hooks, speed and jump power boosts, there’s just soo many possibilities!

:anger: The Don’ts :anger:

  • Don’t add loot crates. That’s the last thing anybody wants. It makes use of cheap tactics like luck to rob you of your money. Just… don’t add loot crates, please.
  • Don’t add trading. There’s no reason to add it anyways, and it makes it possible to scam people out of their items, which is never good. Nothing but bad could come from this.
  • Don’t add more expensive gamepasses. VIP was fine, I get why it exists. But adding more passes could start to make the game pay to win. Speaking of which…
  • Don’t make the game pay to win. It’s very easy to do this. Just severely overprice everything so that it’s next to impossible to get items and make the items give bonuses. That’s all you have to do. And that’s what you shouldn’t do. Don’t. Just don’t.
  • Don’t stop updating the game permanently. If there’s one way to kill a game, it’s to do this. And that’s the exact reason why it shouldn’t happen, at least for a few more years. This game hasn’t been out long enough to deserve being killed off. There is still so much that could be done here. Please don’t abandon FE2, Crazyblox. There’s still a lot that could be done.

No. FE2’s average player count is 2K. When I checked today, it had 993. Ok. But ITS JUST ONE DAY. And FE2 is n0t dead ;-;

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Your ideas are very creative!


The player count varies in different places on the site, and on different platforms. If you’re on Xbox or mobile, the count will be significantly lower than it is.

Anyway, FE2 isn’t dying. If you watch Crazyblox’s streams, you’ll see that he’s working on something (or playing competitive Tetris).
Just look at Ninja Masters. It was released less than 2 weeks ago, and within 1 day it managed to trump Jailbreak’s player count. Yet, already, 50% of the playerbase consider it dead now.


No kidding. I’ll make a list of a few things.


1 - More maps
For 1, the 27 maps are repeat, aka we always do them, so its boring and is a reason why FE2 is dying off (more about this in reasons why FE2 is dying). Add many new maps from the forum that at least have 100 votes, like Chrominus Lab, or Eradicated Facility. That might revive it and not eradicate it.

2 - More difficulties
I’ve already talked about this in one of my first 750 posts on this forum. I had 4 difficulties and five difficulty lock ideas :

Crazy Insane

Insane locked for 10 gems or 1000 coins
Crazy Insane for 25 gems or 2500 coins
Crazy locked for 30 gems or 5000 coins
Extreme locked for 50 gems or 10000 coins
Impossible locked for 100 gems or 100000 coins

and Crazyblox still hasn’t put that in the game!? Just a fifth of the coin lock for Insane and the Crazy mode in FE2 map test!? I think that would prevent FE2 from dying off (the rest of it).

3 - Scammer/Hacker/Exploiter ban program
If this exists, you could use it to ban exploiters, scammers and hackers from the game permanently in order for them not to ruin the game or to explode the chat.


1 - Repetitive maps
Well, for 1, the maps get boring after playing them for a while, because they become WAY too easy, and I mean WAY too easy. For 2, instead of maps getting added, they’re being removed (50% fault of the perishal year, 2019). TBW, Autumn Hideaway has been removed because the creator did something wrong, and we don’t know WTH it is! And since Northern Workshop is a holiday map, it was removed a few days after the beginning of Febuary. And Forgotten Tombs was removed after the event back in 2018, but has been recently re-added again for who knows how long!

2 - Scammers, exploiters and hackers (more talked about in the update section)

Scammers take others’ gems and coins in some way. Exploiters use hacks to automatically press all buttons in a map and win, same as hackers, which ruins the game’s fun.


1 - Update the game
I have 3 update ideas, and I’m pretty sure you all have update ideas. If you do, post then in a message towards me.

Well, that’s mostly it. Let’s just hope Crazyblox follows this stuff and uses it to “revive” FE2.


Agreed totally!

First of all, adding any more difficulties after crazy wouldn’t help anybody. Crazy is meant to be the ceiling difficulty.

Second of all, your point about hackers is incorrect for two reasons:

  • ‘Scammers’ rely on people handing over something because people (erroneously) trust them to do something else. Obviously, you can’t trade currency or items in FE2, so this means that they must have gained access to the cloud data for the game. Which at that point, it becomes exploiting, not scamming.

  • For an exploiter to be that powerful, they must be able to both create a program with a codec that can be used to manipulate the game’s Lua code (probably a .dll file), and then inject it into the files of the Roblox application.
    It’s extremely unlikely someone would waste time doing this. The best we’ve managed so far is using jjscript to alter the player movement values.

I don’t mean to undermine the main point of your post, but, yeah.


lol that one guy


yeah lol


It’s dead now.

The player count right now is 2.2K

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collab maps wont get added like: chrominus lab, eradicated facility, etc…

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fe2 became dead for like 2-3 months but now it’s getting like 2-7k players on the weekends




FE2 was a game i used to love. Just like you all, running into a new, fresh game was a cool experience for all of us. I remember in late-mid (September-ish) 2017 playing FE2, and playing some of the earliest maps. I loved the game so much, even though back then I had trouble completing axiom and flood island.

I thought it was too hard then. (Ditched the game for lots of months)

Then somewhere around April-May 2018, i played the game again, and practiced and practiced.
At this point the game was barely new to me, and I was gripping with excitement to play the insane maps. A few months of trying, I finally beat most of the maps including DSF!

After a while, I just played frequently, and did become a bit bored with lack of updates.
It just seems so strange that a game I loved playing so much turned into a once a month playing experience. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the game. I just seem to play Map Test a LOT more than the game itself.

#Add more maps #Add Crazy Difficulty #Revive Flood Escape 2

(This is basically a post on my experience lmao)

ALSO i am going to make a FOURTH map for Flood Escape 2 Map test! It has an ice theme :wink:


@FedeDoesStuff is this directed to me? i didn’t mention anything about DSF buffs or overdrive maps.

and i certainly didn’t mention moving platforms

Is this supposed to be a reply to me?

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it wasn’t directed to you, pressed the reply on accident cuz’ im sometimes dumb.