FE2 is not a trash at all

yes, i am staying cuz fe2 needs me like really (no lol)

for people who is: u iditot u cam bac aftir a dae !!1!2!! shut up pls

i just dont know what i need to do but uploading vids and play fe2 with friends (which i unfriended so pls friend me bac or ill cri :c

you weren’t toxic at all tbh. the only person which found you toxic was dystopian

oh and yeah nice job dystopian, you made someone leave

oh yeah and nice job federoblox, it wasn’t even my fault
i don’t understand, did i made someone leave because I left?

you literally made him depressed by blaming him
oh and werent you not gonna reply to topics

thats not the reason owo?

i am literally felling bad D:

thought it was that since you know you made your pfp black n stuff when dystopian made the post

oh god, what is going on again
just not this again
first harri
then dystopian
this is monstroity, im so tired of this

what is pfp like seriously

profile picture

i literally depressed because i make dystopian from this
Без названия (7)

to this

Без названия (6)

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well dress, hope you enjoy your life outside of fe2.

farewell. image


dyst please calmdown you don’t have to swear also

okay then

i hope this will end now

yes but actually yes

Ok fixed

oh and yeah, nice job dystopian for making someone quit. You literally need to take a chill pill and go get some fking help. Bravo, what a nice one to RUINS SOMEONE’S LIFE outside the open fire.

uh ok? bye???

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and guys dont forget the quote!!!

“community bad i leave”