[FE2 ITEM SUBMISSION] Crystal Tank Bundle (15 Votes!)

Hello everyone! This is the first time I am actually submitting a FE2 item (I’ve practiced a few times before).

Description: Some cool crystals you found at Cave system and Crystal Caverns!

Tank Prices

All of them are 100 gems

Item Previews
Ruby Crystal

Screenshot (39)

Diamond Crystal

Screenshot (40)

Amber Crystal

Screenshot (41)

Emerald Crystal

Screenshot (42)

Amethyst Crystal

Screenshot (43)

Thank you for reading! Feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

really cool concept! 1+ vote for you


why is nobody replying lol

omg no one is gonna reply or something???

Really cool tanks! +1 Vote

Thank you!

Do you guys think that the prices are a bit too low?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

dude seriously no one voted

i only looked at this bc it says crystal caverns

other then that this is cool i voted for it

lol thanks

imo, you should make all colors have the same price. like 125 gems or something. otherwise, looks awesome

okay thanks for the feedback!

Mini update:

All have the same price now, 200 coins

Once the poll reaches 7-8 votes, I’ll close it and use the results to see what I can do.

Thanks for the support everyone!

ok now i realize i have to learn to be patient lollol (at that time it had 0 votes now it has 6 votes so yea)


Why? because i need more feedback and 1000 votes

you now own twelve of the votes

Since y’all think that the prices are too low, I changed them to 100 gems, instead of 200 coins.

Is it still low? Let me know. (omg i made a rhyme)

ok bye

i have to revive this so it gets more views xd

revive bc why not