FE2 Map - Cavernous Canyon

Status: Gathering Support

Description of Map
You come back from the mine after a long day of searching for goods when the canyon is being flooded! This map is entirely made from scratch! Took a bit more time into making smaller details and models used frequently. Very very happy with the way it turned out.

Parts: 764

OST: Gerudo Valley - LoZ

Map ID: 6235087219

Max Time: 1:30

Buttons: 7

Pictures / Videos of Map-

lighting looks weird

also nice music choice :ok_hand:

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Adding some ambience and fog would make the map nicer
So yeah add some lol

This actually looks really nice for under 1K parts.

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I did, it’s an orange ambience. I am just taking these photos inside roblox studio (not the playing part)

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how does this not have more votes

i personally like this

lighting looks kinda strange, but looks cool

Thanks! I just released it last night so I don’t think many people have seen it