FE2 Map Making Kit Is Weird

Creating maps for FE2 can be fun but can take some time if you lack the motivation and patience. However, I’m not going to talk about that, instead I found some weird things about the FE2 map making kit. it’s impossible lol!

Firstly, it’s still contains EventString. Remember when EventScript was removed and replaced with EventString. Of course, it was a useless update. However, EventScript is now back and EventString isn’t necessary, yet it’s still in the kit. I find it annoying that I need to copy & paste some lines of text into a script everytime I make a new map.

Secondly, why the hell are the buttons unions? Don’t unions apparently cause lag, loading issues and hitbox issues when they’re can collide? I don’t like having to make them into parts again, it’s pretty annoying when you need to do it every time.

Thirdly, the map making kit is outdated and slightly incomplete. Talk about the DelayBGM, group buttons, Tester values, State values, the other Lighting properties, all of them are not in the kit. All of these are examples of the few things that the kit doesn’t have, there’s still a few more. The instructions are also old ones.

Yeah, those are the few minor nitpicks I have with the FE2 map making kit.

Feel free to discuss what do you think in the replies.



Idk why the map kit doesn’t get updated as much.

Also unions arent really a problem, unless the collisions are bad.

I can currently check a unions collisions by just selecting a studio setting, and can check if I need need to fix collisions.

Eventscript is fine. I didn’t play FE2 that early in 2018.

Instructions are extremely helpful, but people find it confusing while me and other map makers dont find it confusing.

and idk. can someone make a advanced map making kit for experienced map creators.

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this is only if you have a lot of unique unions. Yes, a mesh would be better but the union, since it’s used in every map in the game, isn’t a major issue.


i dont really care about the buttons being unions

and for me the eventscript/string thingy is kinda annoying but it super easy to do.

however i do agree that map making kit should be updated with the new settings etc.

fixed the title


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Also about the unions.

They don’t cause as much lag. I would say reduce lag (if you use them the right way)

But the more bigger the union, the more the Collision get worse.

But unions have a limit of 4000 triangles (if goes above that, then unioning that object will fail)

So it’s recommended to use a mesh. Pretty much the same as a union I think

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i hate you

I was genuinely surprised when i saw that there’s more Lighting setting after i’ve read the instructions
Actually, i made a map kit which includes some of these new features, so feel free to take it

I want to add in so much more, but i don’t even know what lol