[FE2 Map Submission] Valley Heights ⛰

:bar_chart:Status: Gathering Feedback and Suggestions, Finished

:newspaper: Description of Map

So uhh, welcome to another map I guess. I bet no one cares anyway. This is a sequel to Valley Fields which is what I can say

After a long adventure to go back to a Village in a valley with all your friends, you managed to hang out for some time, then behind the houses, or the back of the entire village, there was a big door. You and your friends think on what’s on the other side? Well as soon as you open it, the door leads to another area. Which is another valley of course. You can your friends decided to go in. Since there really isn’t a lever or switch on the other side. The door slams shut. You and your friends get shocked as there isn’t a way to escape or go back. But since this seems like a place where the adventure begins. You managed to go ahead. The place seems like a valley that leads to a city. There is a radio tower up there in the distance. The place doesn’t look town-like until you get farther into the map. So, you and your friends decided to go and follow the path to the city.

Map Info
Map Creator(s): InocularGaming
Map ID: 6012806094
Difficulty: Hard
:loud_sound: BGM: Freedom Planet - Dragon Valley 1
Extra Map Info
Map Status: Playable
:brick: Part Count: Unknown
Map Verison: V.2
LDM Mode: :x:

:camera: Pictures of the map:


The places where the first 3 buttons are:

Cave Area:

Here is the part of the map where it starts looking like a town:

Anyways thanks for checking or testing out the map. If you want to suggest something, you can.

I wanna give some feedback to this map.

First off, detail is fine. It’s not bad, but it’s not really good either. You should add just a bit more detail to the map since for me I don’t really think it’s ready yet. The cave area especially lacks from detail. Adding stuff like rocks, crystals, and maybe some bushes can make it seem a bit more lively. Also CorrodedMetal tunnel doesn’t really fit tbh.

A few more flaws that Nitpicky me would like to point out -

Replace this with a plank as this just looks unnatural. You could just delete it all entirely but I’m not sure if that would make the jump impossible or not.

Now let’s talk gameplay wise. It’s fine. I do find it a bit fun at parts but lemme say one thing. Everything appears to feel a bit cramped? Like the terrain just kinda caves in a bit and it feels as if that is a factor that it making this a map a bit easy. Yes I do understand that reworking the terrain will take a long time but it feels at most strange. The cave area once again suffers a bit from this as well. I recommend looking at Wild Savannah’s first area, as it’s very open. This is kinda based on detail and gameplay, but mostly on gameplay (sorta).

Everything else is fairly great, I am interested to see the development of this map and where it will go next.

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1+ Vote lol

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how do you make maps in 22 milliseconds
and make them so good

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instant vote

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Looks good, but detailing isn’t at its best, if I were you I would add rocks/grass detail on the terrain and possibly neon crystals in the cave? Also, the trees look really flat in my opinion and could be made taller. Other than that, nice work :+1:

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Okay so I played the map, there were some issues but I have these 2:

  1. I was kind of confused what this was, there was just random water here

  2. Water needs to be fixed at this section because the water went way too high and I fell through it


Thank you for your feedback.

I noticed this issue too when I was playing the map.


the building errors AAAA

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Also there might be a high chance I will extend the map’s gameplay. Since it’s like 1 minute long (ok I need to stop with the 1 minute long maps)

Also gonna add, change, and fix some stuff as people suggested (such as the misplaced terrain above this reply lol)

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I will play the map then I will rate it.

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Update V.2

Some stuff got changed or update ok

:heavy_plus_sign: Additions

  • Added some rocks to the entire map.
  • Added crystals to the cave area

:hammer_and_wrench: Changes

  • Increased the size of the cave
  • Changed the vent material from Corroded Metal to Concrete
  • Change TimeOfDay to 10 (previously was 14)

:wrench: Fixes

  • Water in last area rises now fixed (look at luck’s reply)
  • Water in cave tower no longer rises.

What’s next?

  • Map extension and giving it a city vibe.
  • Secrets?
  • More background detail in the distance

How do you even get motivation

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Good question. I dont.

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I do like the recent update with more detail and stuff but my one main problem with this map that’s still lingering is the fact that it looks as if it’s cramped, but it really isn’t (at some sections). If that’s the style you are going for, then go I won’t really try and stop you but just keep in mind when making the next couple of sections that the gameplay should feel nor appear cramped.

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I don’t really like how the terrain lines up like this in this map tbh

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Whats wrong Irla


i feel there is something wrong with the terrain and how it is line up like in the pictures shown

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i legit thought fededoesstuff made this

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Man this map really died that quick