FE2 Map Test, Map Bug? (Black Screen)

Ok while I was testing my map, Valley Fields, and If you fall out of the map (Yes It’s Wip), it will show a black screen and not taking you to spawn. I’m not having any lag, but I think this is a new issue, I don’t know what is causing this bug.

If you want to test this map ok here is the map Id: 3745764056 (Valley Fields)

Also here is the black screen.

This bug will only appear if you fall out of the map.
This bug will not appear if you drown or exceed time limit.

and here is the new roblox topbar
i had to

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its gross the new topbar

but its good for me

It’s possible to get the new roblox top bar, you need to have the app version of it, not downloaded.

Hi inoculargaming