FE2 news map xd

whats your opnion about it lol

haven’t played it yet

i like marred dreams and may record it if i stop being a class procrastinator

Decent map. Some glaring points are the trees, crates, and the glowing crystals. I find the theme to be very invoking and the OST really makes up for it. Though I do agree that I find the map to be a bit empty. Not sure how to fix it, besides adding a more variety of crates, plants, and bushes.

New map fallen

2017: Beneath The Ruins, Decrepit Seas
2018: Graveyard Cliffside, Sedimentary Temple
2019: Blue Moon
2020: Marred Dreams, Fallen

I think honestly Lighthouse comes in 2021 (100%) in FE2.
(2021: Lighthouse)

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2021: Dark Science, Humble Jungle

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