FE2 Related Geometry Dash Ideas

This is where you give me ideas to make levels that are FE2 related. Make sure to give me the original name of the map, so I can make my own name for the level that I am doing. Or you can make your own name for the level. Just make sure it’s not the same name as the map. This is where you can get creative with your names, just like your FE2 maps!

nine circles

I will have to look at pictures of that map.

I am now making a new level named Circling Destruction based off of Nine Circles!

Nine Circles exist in fe2 and Geometry Dash.

I know.


I was thinking of making a level named Infernoplex off the map “Infernoplex,” and the song called “Infernoplex.” Lol

Revive and pictures of Infernoplex will be up in a few minutes!

How to get that coin? :thinking:

I assume this a layout so I’m not commenting on detail

Yes, this is a layout. This is not the final product.