FE2 script for testing! (Created by ST_RIVER)

This is a script created by a youtuber! (Not Me). The script work 10/10 in roblox studio! if u need to use btn func, press button in roblox studio or swim in the water, you need this!
(I’m not a sponsor man)
The Script!
(Watch the original video for the tutorial)
The Video
(i’m italian sorry for the logic)

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we know about it
you are late

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We actually know about it
it was made last month


ur late hehe

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Its for the new builders :frowning:

Too late, Henry already make a video about it, also:


Ever heard of “we already know”?

Can people stop replying the same thing in his face. He already knows, one reply is enough. You do not need to repeat the same thing in their face, they already know.