[Fe2 submission] Candyland

Hello everyone! The REVAMP of Candyland is finally here, and ready to be tested by YOU! Hopefully you’re excited. :smiley:

Status: Finished, whitelisted, open for feedback and suggestions
Map name: Candyland
Map difficulty: Easy
Average complete time:
SOLO > 1:23-1:43
MULTIPLAYER > ?:??-1:43
(Note: If you tested it in multiplayer, please let me know what the normal run time was.)
Button count: 6
Music/BGM: Waterflame - Clouds
Part count: 3,160/4,000 parts
Map ID: 2233457577
Votes so far: 10

Map description:

Welcome in Candyland! The most sweetest map you’ve ever seen. It was a peaceful place full of diffrent sorts of candy, until the dangerous purple liquid showed up!
The purple liquid is water, the orange liquid is acid, and the light yellow liquid is LAVA. Escape to the boat waiting for you at the lake before the liquid takes you! And you don’t want that to happen, do you…?

Map images

Here are pictures of the map!

The 1st room. Here are the spawn and the first 2 buttons.

The 2nd room. This room is supposted to represent the “dead landscape” since the acid went over it a lot of times. The 3rd button is located here.

The 3rd room. Here is the candy 'village’. The 4th and 5th button are located here, connected to the blocked cave entrance.

Swimming part!

The 4th room. This is some sort of cave. Climb your way up to the 6th button.

The 5th room. The 7th and last button is located here. This is the lake where the boat is waiting for you!

View from above!


If you made a video about the REVAMP, please make sure to post the link to it so I can add it and give you credits for it!

1st video by @givemenamepls! Thanks!

2nd video by @TheFloodBuilder! Thank you. :smiley: (Outdated version)

3rd video by @damnepiccaleb! Thank you! :slight_smile:

4th video by @TwiistedPandora ?! Thank you!! :open_mouth: (4:33 - 6:19)

5th video by @BigBoi Thanks! :+1:

6th video by @Tabby Thank you! :upside_down_face:

7th video by @TheFloodBuilder Thanks! :ok_hand::grin: (Newer version)

8th video created by @thatdenimatedboi! Now take some :lollipop: back home!! Thank you for the video! :grin:


What do you think of the map?

  • The map is AMAZING!
  • The map is alright.
  • The map is ok.
  • The map can be better.
  • The map sucks.

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What do you think of the details?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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What do you think of the gameplay in general?

  • It’s amazing!
  • It’s great!
  • It’s ok.
  • Can be better. (Please tell me how it can be improved!)

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What would you rate the map overall?

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Do you think the map has what it takes to get into the game?

  • It 100% has a chance to get in!
  • It has a good chance of getting in (75%).
  • It has a ok chance (50%).
  • It doesn’t really have a chance (25%).
  • It definelly won’t have a chance. (0%)

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I hope you all enjoy the map! If you have feedback, bugs or glitches, please do leave them here. I’d love to improve the map as much as I can!

Update log:


Forum update.

The map has finished, and the forum post is here!


Map update.

Attempt re-colouring the terrain in the rooms.


Map update.

Reduced the part count to 3,160! The map should be less laggy now.

New trees! They are going to be replacing the old trees for now. Might change them in the future. I’m still thinking of new trees in the 1st room, might add those forest trees…?


Added some jawbreakers to the lake to give the lake a bit more decoration.

Gave the cave some more “cave vibe” by adding an closed of mineshaft with some lolly GEMS.


Forum update.

Updated the map with new pictures, and removed the outdated ones.


Gameplay update.

The 3rd button has been removed, reducing the button count to 6. This made the gameplay better and take less time to finish. The current state of the solo run has been changed, and the multiplayer not yet. The last water will now also come up 5 seconds earlier thanks to the removal, which makes the max time 1:43, not passing 1:45 like it’s supposted to be.

R.I.P our fallen gamer button

the trees can be improved and the houses too
go to my xmas map “holiday hamlet” it has alot of candy so u can take ideas from it


Yes, the tree do need work. I’ll see what I can do with the houses aswell. Thanks for the feedback!


there’s too many pink, candies are not only pink they can be brown, red, blue, green, or even white.


There are diffrent coloured candy tho? Do you mean diffrent kinds of coloured candy canes as example instead of only red etc?


Hmm I do see similarities in gameplay between the 2 versions, but…
The design is great, a huge improvement from last time but still too much pink e.e


What should I change?

make it less pink


Like, re-colour the walls/floor or make it darker? And the candy not pink.

the terrains are pink and it’s too bright for me, instead of making it darker why dont try new colors?

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I’ll experiment with diffrent colours later!

Hellosth thou wormsth!
I’ve comesth hered withe a videosth forth thee!

I’ve come here with a video for you!


Video has been added! Thanks again for it!

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ok i tested it
this revamp is nicer
but tbh it needs more details and u should work on the gameplay more
thats my feedback


I’ve experimented and tried to give each room a colour fitting with the situation there and giving the walls a less brighter colour. Let me know what you think of it! (What fits, what doesn’t? Any advice of what colour to use in what room?)

Hopefully it’s not too bright anymore.

PS: If the colours are good, I’ll fully work on the terrain.

Made a video of your map! It is pretty noice. I voted as well so change that vote count to :three:

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Nice! Looks like my map is good for multiplayer. I’ll add it to the video’s asap. Thank you for the video and everyone in the video for testing!

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np! :smile:

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Why is this not appraised!!
The map is so cool and it only has :four: VOTES!
Maybe the song is a bit overused in another games like epic minigames but its awesome, its well scripted and decored. The challenging maps catches all the atention!
My vote is for u timmie



I know, this map is dying a bit already. I know the song is a bit overused, but this fits SO well. Maybe i’ll consider searching for a new one.

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