[FE2 Tank Submission] CBL Tank

:blue_square: :yellow_square: Crazyblox Logo Tank - FE2 Tank Submission :yellow_square: :blue_square:

Description: This item is only obtainable if you have a VIP gamepass.
Price: Unobtainable if you do NOT have a VIP gamepass.

Image of the tank/Equipped on a player:

Side view of the tank:


That’s all about this tank, I made. Thank you for reviewing.

Very nice, but can you change the color of the mesh, by chance? Then, you will get my vote.

What color?

Also, the white color is a perfect color.

Personally? we have a buddy which is exactly it
So um. ima prefer it instead of the tank

Well, any color that won’t make it look, bland.

But yes, you do have the color codes right.

Do I have to change the color to bright?

Yeah, that would look better, because plastic looks like trash.

The mesh parts were SmoothPlastic.

Still, it looks like trash. Update it so that its neon.


Sorry. I’m just asking if you could change it to a different material to make it look better.

Crazyblox we need this masterpiece

I think it would be better if it was just the 2D logo imo

Crazyblox will be really appreciated with the tank! It’s a really superb tank for a design, and I hope this goes in the game. :+1:

The logo looks like this so I guess it’s based on the entering logo before the black screen goes away

Oh my. That’s great!
You got my vote! :smiley:

e p i c

wheres the tank part of it lol?