[FE2 Tank Submission] Logo Tank Bag

I was bored so here you go.
Name: Logo Tank Bag
Cost: 50 Gems
Part Count: 11 (10 Parts, 1 Union, 0 Meshes)
Description: A nice metal bag with a logo on the back and a antenna.
Model: https://www.roblox.com/library/4653285208/Logo-Tank-Bag
Idc, just take it and put your own logo on it.

By Itself:

On Noob:

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Made this tank for fun. I won’t be updating it.

i literally read it as lego tank and was gonna do the unfunny man fallen into river meme but ok
Nice tank

a man has fallen into the river at lego city


If this tank have 10 part and 1 union, So it wasn’t meant to be:

Part Count:10

Union Count:1