[FE2 Tank Submission] Retro Tank ⚡

:warning:Feel free to criticize this tank!:warning:
Name: Retro Tank.
Creator: TabszT (Tab)
Price: 25 coins :moneybag:
Part Count: 12 parts, 1 union, 10 textures.
Model: https://web.roblox.com/library/4455796281/FE2-Item-Retro-Tank

Description: A retro looking tank. Probably from the 70s.

View of tank on back of a player (Humanoid).

View of tank on front of a player (Humanoid).

This tank can easily be recolored but, I don’t plan to recolor it as I think it is fine as of now. If you like this tank, a vote is always appreciated. I am hoping that this will get into FE2 or one of my other items that are coming out. I always accept criticism because then I know what to do for my next tank.

-Tab (the stock of broccoli :broccoli:)

The inside of the tank is a disco ball. I originally had no plan to add one until I started writing the description.

like it but quite big

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it’s the size of a normal tank

There could be some more effort and creativity put into it but okay

originally there was gonna be a dark sci aura around it but…


you should inspire by the retro egg fromm the egghunt, it was really well made and creative

oh yeah the egg that mikey wore for half his life. yeah I might add a retro sun but idk

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Now I like this.

this is a really awesome tank

You think? I don’t.

Guys this tank got stolen!

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Literally you put it free
And that is literally inverted from Crazy’s post about item submission

You put it free it means everyone have access to it without any wrong thing
If you put it offsale it still means the one who got it still own it

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Yeah I got that. At least the game is down.