Fe2 vip server

Oml my VIp server in FE2 is saying it is inactive. It is payed up until December. What has happened? Lol I really stressed, I play in it daily, and I am doing leaderboard :sob::sob::sob:

it’s not fe2’s fault, your payment probably ended and now you have to pay again for it to be active again

sigh robloxians these days

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No honestly, it is still payed up. And showing in configure to be active and payed up. And plenty of robux in account for it to continue :confused:

I don’t know what you mean by inactive, but it’s probably ROBLOX’s fault, not FE2 because ROBLOX operates the VIP servers

Yep thanks.
It was something very very random. I was not the random, hehe.
Sorted now

You cannot pay more than monthly, so there’s no way you are able to pay that much. I know it’s fixed and all, but this shouldn’t be an issue.

Yeah it comes out monthly. So I got the box ticked to keep it as a ongoing thing (have not cancelled the vip sub) .
But yep it’s all good

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