FE2 : What Do You NOT Like?

I kinda got this idea from my last post on this same category. However, first things first, we don’t talk about things outside of FE2 like Crazyblox, exploiters, lack of updates, anything community related, etc

Well to answer the question that is within the title of this post, for me it’s gotta be air pockets in the main maps and maps that are "annoying as hell to play"

Air Pockets - What are they?

Many people have their own of calling them but I call them air pockets.

Air pockets are simply pockets of air in a map, for example, the one spot in Infiltration and Cave System where people camp and waste time. Those are what I call “air pockets” and my god, they really, really annoy the living hell out of me.

I hate it when people just waste time while other players are waiting for the next map. Oh, and if you’re wondering “why don’t you ask Crazy myself?” Not only me but many made videos on them but he never came around to fixing them. That wraps it up for air pockets, yeah.

annoying maps - How are they annoying tho?

Annoying gameplay is subjective. However, I am not talking about whether a map is balanced or not in difficulty.

I’m gonna be ranting about maps that need glitching or other things like wallhopping, etc. It’s stupid. I hate playing those because I don’t usually do the /e dance glitch or wallhop. You can call me a noob but this isn’t vanilla obby stuff, this is FE2. Please go somewhere where you can put those skills to use not in FE2, thanks.

How about y’all? What do YOU not like about FE2? Leave your answers in the replies below and I’ll like most of them because I’m intrigued to know.


don’t really know
except dsf’s rigged wedge jump


i mean, the 2nd half of the map is free, so that’s not something I have a problem with

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im more worried when will beneath the ruins come out



it’s going to come out on ebay on july 2020 :exploding_head:




I only don’t really like thin jumps in some maps and how flood islands difficulty isn’t balanced because of the water


Dark Sci Forest’s water movement is a bit too fast imo.

If you don’t know what mean, it’s the second area. Most likely if you move too slow in that area, the water will most likely move too fast.

Dark Sci Facility, well it’s fine. It’s best not to mess up to much.

Beneath The Ruins, fine again, but I hate when no one presses that button in that acid pipe.

Wild Savannah is fine again. But be careful of the acid/lava pit in both areas.

Blue Moon is hard but not really, but heavily relies with speed and no mistakes or you won’t be able to reach the exit because of the lava.

And lastly, group buttons. Probably the worst update, but I like it because other people have a chance of getting xp, bit what I don’t like about it, it made more lazy people.

What I really mostly hate is probably the players and of course. It’s the lazy ones.

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This is why I play in VIP servers


clap clap you won the nobel prize for that NOVEL idea


i dont like the fact that most maps are by the same people so the building style isnt always unique
and i agree with you
also the fact that your able to flex tanks and costemics ect.

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somehow i dont like the gameplay about abandon facility.


shadowmap, thats all.

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does crazy even has control over that lmao

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yes, just change to compatibility

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i dont think crazy has control tho

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if its because it may get removed soon, i dont think it will since thats the only hope for mobile players to enjoy a game

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Tbh when I’m playing on mobile the game looks better
actually on PC too

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depends on how you see it, too realistic for a lego game or its worth the performance

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