FE2: What is your favorite maps in map test?

I will list some of your favorites here,
Electroman Adventures
Shutdown [Before revamp]
Cryogenic Blizzard
TRIA: Resurgo
Cryogenic Blizzard: Reimagined
Jungle Inferno
Enszo Maps
Aesthetic Creekside
Plastically Boring
Auburn highlands
Eternal Frostu
Maintenance Disorder
System Lab
Glacier Caverns
Anomnia’s Chambers
Precarious Journey
Core Termination
Foggy Woodlands [Revamp]
End Of The Line
Dusk Snow
Niflhiem Hvelgimir
Dystopia [Revamp]
Deprived Dimension
Pandora’s Cluster
Closing Time
Closing Hours
Kozuki Peak
Rainy Hillside
Forsaken Foundation
Spectral Crossing
Doors 1
Doors 2
Ancient Jungle
Ionized Facility
Enchanted Mushway
Quake Shore
Glow Factory [Revamp]
Snowy Grotto
Electrical Malfunction
Time Machine
Obama Hills
One More Time
Volcanic Lab

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cryogenic blizzard reimagined has to be one of my favorites

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core, jungle inferno, some enzo map

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jungle inferno


aesthetic creekside
plastically boring
auburn highlands
Eternal Frostu :joy:
maintenance disorder
system lab
glacier caverns
anomnia’s chambers
precarious journey
core termination
foggy woodlands revamp
end of the line
dusk snow
niflhiem hvelgimir
dystopia revamp. enszo really did step his game up

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basically any existing kayo map (deserted undergrounds is kinda downgrading tbh)
electroman adventures
deprived dimension
pandora’s cluster (ego big moment :flushed:)
closing time
closing hours (if not for the 255 colours like toothpaste)
kozui peak
rainy hillside
forsaken foundation
that autumn map fed made
auburn highlands
spectral crossing
doors 1
doors 2
ancient jungle
ionized facility
enchanted mushway but the gameplay is hella confusing
and much more

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note: this is not in order
obama hills
tria: resurgo
my maps ofc (all of them are bad)
i don’t even know (cyrogenic blizzard: reimagined, old ver is still better)
doors 1
doors 2 (2, 1 are both on the same spot)
snowy grotto or whatever it was called
time machine
glow factory revamp (i like it ig)
electrical malfunction (all versions, i don’t care that 0.5 is bad but i care it was old and it was a good map for a first map)
volcano aswell, really fun.
core termination, easy to get inspired from. very fun and addiciting map.
pandora’s cluster (very good map but still could of had some improvements)
dystopia all versions
plastically boring
quake shore
idk what else, but i like most of the maps in fe2.

I don’t have any favorite maps in the FE2 Map test.
I don’t play often.

d y n a l

One More Time

Your pfp reminds me of the master of drops

Btw, my favorite map right now is probably volcanic lab, as I have been playing it a lot and trying to get good at it

my pfp is fanny from BFB, lol

Thank you for telling me

Because I am dumb and the only topic I have decent knowledge about is gd

Aesthetic Creekside
Spectral Crossing

laughs hysterically nice one op

that’s a lot fanny(yes i tecongnized ur pfp)


Planet nebula

Pixelated Facility xd

big ego?!

idk a lot.
to name a few
Tria resurgo
electrical malfunction (basically all my inspiration)
auburn highlands
all of enszos maps