FE2CM Media Assistant Add-on


The FE2CM Media Assistant is an add-on that can help content creators and influencers to ensure quality!

ID: 1fxdq41

Update: A showcase video has been released! This will give live demonstrations of the features shown below!

This text-based tutorial will help you through the basics!

Upon entering the map, you will shortly receive the add-on. You may notice that the alert frame is much lower positioned than expected. This is to prevent forcing people to record the entire screen.


This is the control panel. There are two options to tweak. HUD size and button marker visibility.

Button Marker Visibility

Button markers have gotten quirky over the past few updates. The most recent addition is the XP value of a specific button, also known as the amount of XP a player receives when pressing this button. It can be odd at times!

Optimal Button Markers

If you set this option to Optimal, you may notice that the XP count under the markers disappearing. This is very useful if you want to ignore these XP counts.

This is most recommended for higher quality YouTube videos.



Invisible Button Markers

What even is the point of this?



HUD Size

You can change the HUD Size to be its default size, or a new smaller size!

Setting this option to Small introduces a new HUD never seen before!

“Where’s the menu? This is bad!!!”

Don’t fret, as the menu is moved on the top-left corner!


You may need to double-click the menu options.


These bugs will be fixed eventually.
  • Being in acid while at small HUD does weird stuff
  • The gateway map doesn’t always distribute the GUI to everyone in a private server.

Thank You!

I hope you enjoy this brand new add-on! You can leave a like on this post if you deem this add-on useful!

This add-on was created, tested on a private server, and released within 8 hours.


I want to ask this.

Quite cool actually, definitely will use this! Well done

oOo this seems cool, am interested :eyes:

ig its for old players because i dont think there was button markers before (i dont remember)


You can participate in this poll until US morning! The top option will be implemented to the add-on first!

What feature do you want to see first?
  • Rescue Locators
  • Arm Shadows
  • Advanced Button Marker Visibility

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What does Arm Shadows mean?

Maybe small? But good work!

R.I.P. ;-;

The marker filter is inside a separate function, so this is irrelevant.

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Oh, ok.

`holy this cool

Very Helpfull With Thumbnials, thanks defyinginhelll, (aka RRGaming2017)

Wow you guys like me putting more effort

now i dont even know how to implement this lol-

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HUD Appearance Update

2 new HUDs are introduced to the FE2CM Media Assistant add-on!

New: Menu-less HUD

The Menu can now be moved away from the HUD, so you might not have to worry about center issues!

New: Classic HUD

Want a throwback to old FE2? This is the perfect time to show off a new Classic HUD! Experience the retro 2017 - 2019 HUD in current times!

You may not be able to access the Shop, Summary, Spectate, and Options inside the HUD. This will be fixed in a while.

Partial Update: Compact HUD

This update is not fully complete! Player and button counts don’t have color swaps!

The small HUD in the very first assistant version is now Compact! This new update adds the button count, so you could finally see if certain buttons are pressed!
Fun fact, the button frame in the HUD is rotating, and even in-sync with the buttons in-game!


Partial Update: Gateway

This update is not fully complete!

The gateway receiving the add-on has now experienced a cool new change! You can talk to the Receptionist to get key information about the add-on!


Yoo sickkk

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What is the difference of default to Optimal?

Also I really loved it.

Now I understand it. Lol