FE2CM Media Assistant Add-on

Duo's Update

This update introduces a new HUD and Button Marker style!

New: Invisible HUD

The feature no one asked for! Eliminate the HUD for better views or better thumbnails!

New: Distance-based Button Markers

The distance-based button markers are complete! Measure how far you are from a button!

No image? You should try it yourself!

Development Updates

Trying to eliminate the lag is a bit of a chore in the meantime. I might figure it all out eventually.

Nevertheless, development on advanced button markers are underway. I still don’t know how to introduce it. Look forward to the future!


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carzybox make cutsom Button Marker in MapScript! !!!1

Really? :o

no but that would be a cool feature

however this could take advantage of exploiters so i dont want custom markers to be an update

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Oh, ok. Lol

Also, now it’s easy to move button with script. Lol

how did u even get the workspace from fe2cm how

This is the best thing I have ever seen your work is amazing