FE2MT Review #5 (Southern Hillside, Fallen In Love, Flood Forest)

Hey all. Occida Myth here. Today I will be reviewing Southern Hillside, Fallen in Love, and Flood Forest (remade). I will replace the “Other Stuff” with “Practicality.” because i want to copy occi as much as i can Let’s begin, shall we?

Southern Hillside

Design: 37/40
The detail in the map is great. It has nice balance and a nice feel to each of the platforms. The buttons have some unique well detailed plates on them. The cave parts didn’t feel to bland. It looked like a longer version of Wild Savannah, which does subtract points, as it does feel pretty similar to the map.

Gameplay: 31/40
The gameplay is fine overall. It’s path is mostly clear and the parkour is placed well. I have 2 gripes about the gameplay. The first one is the overabundance of buttons, as there is about 15. There could be about half as many buttons. I also feel like the difficulty of the map should be Insane. The jumps are well paced and the flood rate is what it should be.

Practicality: 13/20
If this were to be added, Crazyblox would have to change lots of things about the map before adding it. The pacing would feel a bit menacing to new players, and the overabundance of buttons hurts the map. Also putting this in the Hard pool puts it with a similar map. The map does have lots of room for shortcuts, which is good for better players.

Overall Score: 81/100
It’s a pretty good map, and it’s detail is the best part about it.

Fallen In Love

Design: 38/40
When I entered the map, I was blown away by it’s look. The fountain looked great, the terrain was smooth, and the platforms were good. The map remained this type of design for the rest of the map, with very unique rooms which all looked great. The only gripe I have is that some platforms could look better, but that is very minor.

Gameplay: 33/40
The map suffers from the same problem as Southern Hillside, as it has an too much buttons. It does not have as many as Southern Hillside, but it still isn’t good. But there isn’t too much walking for a normal map, and the parkour is made well. I do feel like this has Hard pool gameplay, like the last swim to the ExitRegion.

Practicality: 14/20
The map would be put in the hard pool if it got in the game, because of the length. The map would be a bit challenging for new players, but it could help players with some faster gameplay. The buttons would have to be decreased to function better, but it would work well without the same amount of buttons.

Overall Score: 85/100
The map could get added to the game in February for a Valentine’s Day event, but every other time feels off. This is game-worthy.

Flood Forest (Remake)

Design: 23/40
The map is very open, and it has square platforming. I know the term “blocky” is overused, so I will call use the term “needs wedges.” The map does have some trees, but not enough for me to identify it as a forest, and I see it as a cliffside. The facility part does look much better, and the details are well made.

Gameplay: 25/40
The gameplay is mostly the same types of jumps, with some trusses and walking thrown in there. The buttons aren’t too far from eachother , and the jumps aren’t too difficult. I felt that there was too much walking in the map. But again, the last room gameplay is pretty fun to play, and the lava drainage was a nice touch.

Practicality: 11/20
The map would be fine for normal players, and pros could speedrun it easily, but I think people would be bored by this map and annoyed when it comes up, kind of like Crystal Caverns. The map would also have a lot of waiting, and I think trolls will do things, because of the fairly low flood rate.

Overall Score: 59/100
This map has a really good facility room, but everything else is very bland.

Time to wrap thing up. This time, you can suggest maps again. See you next time!
woo time to copy occi even more next time


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