FE2's 3rd Anniversary Day 🎉

Today is our biggest day we all know and love today to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary Day, and that is Flood Escape 2. After reaching 3 years, it’s really a blast to see the game growing up so fast and I’m really hyped to celebrate the birthday party to our favorite game of all time.

If you have or haven’t heard about the announcement, this is the link:

2017/2018: I used to remember playing the game back in the days before FE2 was released in 2017, and I was so excited. It felt like a nostalgia zone, and it really brings back the good times. After Alpha turned Beta, there were many changes like the old soundtracks being placed by the official soundtracks, lobby and map changes, and so much more to discover. After a new update has arrived, there were new maps added such as Gloomy Manor and Beneath The Ruins for example, which is really amazing, and I support that update. I think I can remember that in 2017, FE2 Map Test was created and is released, where you can create your own community maps and share them with everyone else at the Crazyblox Games Forum. You can also whitelist your map by placing your model ID. It’s really surprising to see everyone playing their maps, and it can get really creative too.
2018/2019: In 2018, FE2MT now has a multiplayer server. After day by day waiting for an update to arrive in 2019, we now have Blue Moon as a new difficulty map and some new tanks.
2019/2020: And finally since in 2020, we now have some game changes in the future, but don’t forget the community maps in the biggest update (It was announced since August 2020), which is a great news to see them coming in Flood Escape 2!

Although, it was a really fun journey. I’m really glad that Flood Escape 2 has finally grown up in 3 years and I really hope to see more updates in the future. The game really means a lot to us to play and have fun, and we can always enjoy and do our best to create community maps and more.

To the Flood Escape Team and to Crazyblox who is reading this, thank you so much for everything. It means a lot to create the game enjoyable, and I really appreciate that. From now on, we can always celebrate the good times to our favorite game from the Flood Escape series, and have a birthday cake.

Happy Anniversary Day, Flood Escape 2. May you wish a happy birthday. :birthday:


New update when, though?

the new update has been announced. So it will be come out very soon. I’m not sure tho

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ok :neutral_face:

Actually this was in 2017 but multiplayer came in 2018


Oh yeah, that.

Whoops! I didn’t know it was created in 2017, because while looking through Crazyblox’s profile, it says that the current FE2 Map Test was created in 2018, so apologies if I already missed that. I’ll try to fix the problem! :sweat_smile:

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happy birthday flood escape 2

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Crazy tested maps on Thursday and there’s a high chance he’s already decided on some. Navola might stream him making the OSTs for the maps.