FEBeat | [WIP]

Status: Feedback Needed

Description of Map
A facility type map with neon textures and good gameplay and sync

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Map Details
ID: 4617494147
Map name: FEBeat

Thought that it was gonna be osu mania in fe2

this is getting hard for my hands, but here comes another review!

this gameplay is the greatest i’ve ever seen on a review, but still not too good. you need to make it obvious on where to go (don’t use free models), but that’s just a minor problem, you don’t need to add it, because looking for where to go makes it a funner map to play. the gameplay is very simple and fun to do, and i bet that even experts will love playing this map. the only problem is the directions, but honestly, i don’t care, which is why this is the first time you will see a rating go over a score of 5. also, from the looks of it, this map seems to be a Hard mode. am i right?

one word : amazing. sure, it needs more wedges, but that is just a minor problem. in fact, why need wedges? its not that common in the real world, right? but i do see a humanoid in the first picture, and crazyblox hates humanoids, if you have a well-voted map and you have just one humanoid, he will never put it into the main game, but you shouldn’t be bothered by it. because honestly, i’m not the boss of what you put in your map, so if you want to keep it there, then you can.

you made fun gameplay as well as great detail, and never forgot the main things of a good map. you get a bravo and my vote, as this will conclude this review.

gameplay 5.7/10
detail 7.1/10
overall 6.3/10

Is that copied by RoBeats

Oh woah. The map is so good.
The gameplay is fun, sync.
You got my vote! :smiley:

Noob, I appreciate you’re feedback one minor thing is that I am not trying to get this in the main game it’s jjust a simple map that me and my friends made too see what other people think. Although thank you for the feedback!

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it doesnt look like robeats

But the name is