[fed's trash map mixes] Different Themes: The Trilogy

Status: Gathering Support, Completed [1,2], WIP [3]

ye also about the free models are in purpose. i dont own any of them. (also one of the devs added most anyways, ethanwu2015 lol) also all maps are remade.

Description of Map
basically my actual last map mix maps, similar rooms is discontinued. inspired by extravaganza

Pictures / Videos of DT1

deadcility by dr_right2

power of acid by gobzen

factory room by noomlek

forbidden corrupted distorted base or something idk by phantomorb62

dark sci desert by akiraharuko (purple_guy121), shootingzombey & dr_right2

nightwalk facility by reziztor (idk how it looks like it lol)

haha neon spam!!!1! (lava factory by floodplayz and someone else)

having a floody time V1 by orileponytronic ethan added unnecesary details and ruined it rip

facility breakout by robloxpies

tunnels (not really this room bad lol) by floodescaper1

viral breakdown by overydle (oh god this room is also bad)

midnight rush by sand111

lurid by zlurm

breakdown, also by zlurm

alderney by dr_right2

rogue seas by awesomee0 also bad room e

unknown by lionlai123

lava cave something like that by gobzen

metal factory?? by tengrainyt & floodplayz

map by: me (federoblox244), ethanwu2015, victorian333333, youythes24myoumaster, @RBLXDenimated_Dev and pokemonmasterhayward (did almost nothing)

in conclusion this ver sucks lol

music: F-777 - Cobra (rip it got deleted)

ok here we go, different themes 2

start room, emerald caves by gobzen

after metal factory i think its called, by tengrainYT

pyramid excavation by jolluminati

grumble volcano by rareheaddress

desert oasis by zenkoina

blooming valley by xxmiss_dorothyxx (wait why lava for walls)

secret facility by dr_right2

hardware facility by guestplea

above and beyond remaster by dr_right2

after hardware facility (wait) by craftstones (sorry, dont remember full name, when i do, ill edit post)

terminal by dr_right2

wait this doesnt even look like it

retro gamemode by hexah lol

thermal base by lionlai123 but it doesnt even look like it, also one of my least fav rooms

dilapidated platforms by thephoenixmurderer

snowdream 1 by dr_right2, also another of my least fav rooms

malefic cordillera by doctorned

pipelines by nennai

end room.

conclusion: still not the best. though i like it more.

feel free to criticize both maps, the problem is that both cant be updated cause of the updating glitch.

ok now for the best ver lol!!

cold tundra by vipvlogscrafter and hexah

mercury city by dr_right2

(the cars are free meshes ethan also added lol)

biohazard by bestforevermine

i hate this room, fabric factory by floodplayz

disco disaster by shadokusan

engulfed eatery by thephoenixmurderer

scifi lab by traxex16, old ver

hidden valley by tlc

cargo chaos by iidamoreo

conclusion: i pretty much like this ver. my favorite.

feel free to criticize all of them, feedback is accepted !!

ID: Different Themes: 2781173737

ID: Different Themes 2: 2777933458

hope this isnt really that alive aaaa

@RBLXDenimated_Dev i bet you will revive this in like a month when this is deadl ol


lol why not

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it probably took you a month to type this out



2 mins

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overall, i really like all the different themes maps, very good work classic squad

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thanks for the feedback

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no problem

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fed request revivico (some word that i made up)

epic moment

now watch as I make video BACKWARD

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smolboi buffy mapa

oh wrong post

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DT1 is evil as heck.

One mistake = dead at the end (most of the time at the Unknown part)

DT2 is fine but it got buff oh noes!

Wait how E

Yes no[quote=“federoblox244, post:10, topic:19008”]

t h a n n c c e s s
f o r e
u r
c o o p e r n a t i o n .


tormenting peoples names part 1

ok but heres a revive to my friend

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can i remake thermal base part in dt2 actually nvm

yes please


why “fed’s trash map mixes” tho
they’re good even tho some rooms culd have been even better