(feedback) an oversimplified thing i did. i dont know what to call it

hello gamers of the flood escape 2 community,
would you mind giving me some feedback on this little map/whatever you call it?
yes its supposed to be just cut off.
the lighting technology is shadowmap.
all models except the pine tree meshes are made by me.

you can walk on water
comedy gold reference

(please if you’re going to vote bad then atleast tell me how to improve)

your opinion on it?

  • pog
  • good
  • okay
  • meh
  • pretty bad
  • abysmal

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wheres the epic option

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“You are jeuse.”

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This is cool


Where’s the howse

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did you make this topic just because i played this game

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im just kinda proud of it :pensive:

also thanks for playing it

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oragne jeuse