Feedback on Hotel Sponge

I’m pretty sure I have got the outside covered, though I can’t think of anything for the grass below :confused:
Any help?
(map picture outdated, look below)

actually, I have a small idea.
Though I still want to hear your ideas.

Add trees, benches, paths and maybe a fountain on the grass

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not sure whether this is an indoors map or an outdoors one since the windows are you know

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there is just like a small section where you climb out the window onto one of those construction things and press a button then go back inside.
rest is indoor from there.

I have an idea for background terrain, though I’ll need stuff for the bottom


  • Yes
  • No
  • Change colour of tree stump but yes and add something to the bottom

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also actually replace the leaves on the ttrees with a sphere mesh

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wtf hotel with sponges? :scream:

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First, I’d suggest making it next square. Next, since it’s near some buldings, add some paths so people can traverse better, then add foliage such as trees, bushes, etc and some small buildings (janitor’s/keeper’s quarters), and you’re done!

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Look at the update above!


my man i can help you build dat :sunglasses:

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Solo project.



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if you want we can collab. im not as good as other people but you have seen one of my maps

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Like above, I wanted this map to be private, like most of my maps.

Working on changing the tree’s bark, im going to try some of the ideas that @Voltzwinger and @TheFloodBuilder have.

Hello! You need some access to the outside area (not for the map, just so it actually looks like a hotel) though this door feels strange. Any ideas? (im still adding detail to the outside btw)

Add surfacelights to the windows that have yellow on them.


Idk man vines come from the grass they don’t just float there you know? Make them the same colour as the grass as well

K, thank you!