[Final Update] Asiatic Abode

This map is focused on design and not gameplay. So maybe if you wanted challenging map, this map is not really suitable for you. At first I created this map for fun to make my friends think I’m back at FE2 Dev after finishing Underground Collapse, but when I send the pictures of the map on discord, everyone likes the design of the map, so I decided to finish it.

Updates (Suggestion):

  • Make some parts less blocky
  • Change the leaves shapes
  • Adding more details on bell
  • Change some rocks shapes
  • Added some vines on the first room

Latest Updates was on the comments.
Thanks for helping me with this map with criticism!

Map ID: 1838921907

Map Details:

Name: Asiatic Abode (Thanks for @Azuriac for the map name)
Difficulty: Easy
Creator: Jawacraft21
Length: 01:16
Music: Roblox - Japanese Garden
Status: Finished, Gathering Supports

Map Image:
Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Inside the shrine – The lightning on this part are dark idk why, when I played it the lamps give the whole room a light.

Last Room

Finish Room

Map Gameplay:
By me:

By Fl0odie:

By Fopdooodle

By Jacky GT

I rly like it:0

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Wow amazing.

Like the lighting tho.

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In my opinion this map looks really great, and I can see it being added! However, when I first played it there was no arrows telling me where to go and therefore I died on my first attempt.

I would say this needs to be nerfed slightly as it’s kind of fast when done in single-player but its probably way slower in multiplayer mode. The music to me is a bit somber so I would suggest getting music that is a bit more exciting when you play it.


I will add more arrows and nerf the flood, also the music will be updated next month lol.

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I added a few arrows on the map, on the first room now you have 3 extra seconds to pressing buttons there. Music will be changed soon since the music that will be added in this map is the music that didnt exist on roblox.

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reminds me of dojo route


This is really cool!


I really like the map. (Im Japanese btw!) I would give it a 6.8/10 or even a 7/10 for the map. Oh and also the lighting looks really nice too!

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time for euip’s map reviewz:

All in all, this map is pretty good and I can see it getting added with just a few changes:

I’m kinda confused on what these are supposed to be

The rocks are too circular for a japenese style map.

Lot of Z-Fighting on these curves. I recommend using the curve plugin to fix these.

make this less blocky

again, make these less blocky

try not add decals as that lowers the chance of the map being added

try making these bigger as i didnt notice this the first time playing and i didnt know where to go

please dont use cylinders for leaves

another confusing detail. not sure what this is

i didnt see a problem with anything else and i enjoyed this map a lot.

again, i do recommend changing the music as i dont feel it fits well.

otherwise, this gets my vote. gj!

(i finished this map in around 1:18)


yoo this is really helpful! thanks! Also can you suggest the BGM? I’m bad at choosing one.

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yeah sure. ill make sure to leave one when i find a fitting one

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After looking, I found that the song Terraria OST - Jungle fit the most

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The arrow is now a little bit bigger than before

I made the platform less blocky, the ladder at the end also less blocky too, but the last ladder is still the same.

I honestly has no idea how to use plugins and stuff, so I made this manualy.

This was supposed to be the bell on the Japanese shrine,

About the leaves and stones is not done since I still find a way to make trees without union parts.


oh. It didn’t really look like a bell but now it does.

here’s the map I was waiting for
honestly wonderful
reminds me of that loomian legacy area


Gottem or something lol.

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This looks great and has a chance of being added! This is really a level that has some rareheaddress vibes. My only down, is that have some arrows so people know where to go. It can be a little confusing on where to go. Some people have talked about this. Anyways, good luck on improving stuff, and mostly, enjoy improving!


I think you can add some vines to the walls of the terrain to fill it up, right now the terrain walls feel quite empty.