Find Map Music Post thingy

Basically a chat room where you wanna find music for yo maps. Or maps you are remaking.

i would talk about music for my maps if i was making any

here’s music for you lol

Anybody have a medieval music for my first solo crazy map?

Anyone know the music for Tower K.O.D.?

Yes I’m remaking the one that used to be in map test. Not overflow

gonna link this here incase anybody needs the music for their maps

I think the below one might not be on roblox so you might need to upload it yourself

that’s all I have it’s not much but hope it helped

Thank you so much!

Foggy Woodlands but it’s the sequel (I’m talking about Aftermath 2 by Waterflame btw).

Thank you for the idea Brwinpa GD

Wait, really though?

Ye sure

I dO nOt BeLiVe.

Anyone got any good desert music that hasn’t been used too much?
Was gonna use super mario 64 - shifting sand land, but it doesn’t go too well

Same with New Super Mario Bros Wii’s desert theme

nvm found like a not used version of gritzy desert, nice


Anamanaguchi - Airbase if you want to make Vintage Voltage