Finding for a scripter

I want a scripter, who can script for my new obby game, JTOH inspiration btw. The old scripter quit, so I have to find a new one. If you can make these things, I’ll let you in:

  1. Timer
  2. Teleporters
  3. Shop GUI
  4. Level GUI
  5. Music Scripting, just like JTOH

i hope i can find one

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Im not good at scripting just to let you know.

lol ok i thought you already have those scripts

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no i dont
are you gonna help me

well you kicked me because i said you should remove some free models i found so…

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there are no free model in this one, this is a completely new game, you can call it a sequel or something

sequel? k lol

you can use the JToH model kit and music kit
Read the “READ ME” script in the kit to know where to put the scripts in

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Ask this is the devforum, this is not in any way related to this forum

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I think it’s fine to post it here, devforums is more like a more official and serious place to hire developers. Developers hired there must be paid by either Robux or USD


so he says he needs a scripter that’ll do all those things for free?

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But i don’t think this project is really that “Serious”. Moreover, this is “General”. We can talk whatever we want.

I never said anything towards the category of the post but ok

You said this post wasn’t related to this forum.

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I’d want to if I didn’t want to waste my time working on this game. I’d rather work on the things I like working on. Obbies like JTOH (Basically, tower obbies) are not my type. Good luck finding a scirpter.


does he see any good chances getting a proffessional scripter, GUI designer on a JTOH copy? already enough of these.

sure!!! you know all JTOH copies look exactly the same right???

most are no effort trash with rigged gameplay :joy:


bruh Adam did you even try to get someone or like try yourself before posting

yes I know this is not DevFourms but… please try before because you’ll end up finding it in minutes lmao

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No one is going to work for free unless they err