[FINISHED] - Studio Zipline Visualiser!

Custom Zipline Plugin for Studio!
It’s done, after a whopping 6 exact hours, it is finished, this plugin allows you to create ziplines in studio, plus move points around and see how your ziplines will be before putting them into an fe2 map. The plugin is linked below.

Special Thanks: I want to give a special thanks to jacys23 (@jacys23) for really helping me learn about plugin creation, if it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would have continued this due to the overwhelming amount of bugs I had in the first build of this plugin (nearly broke down). This plugin took nearly 6 hours, and over half of them were used for bug fixing LMAO.

With all that out of the way, I hope you enjoy!


Can u show a video on this?


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I will use it in my map someday

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i can tell this is really helpful
can u attempt to make a plugin where people can test their maps in studio
ok i know striver did one but u cant do some stuff like ziplines

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theres a bug where when i enter studio the ziplines still show
which means it will count as an instance, even when i click on hide it still shows

love it!
It’s amazing

how did you loop through and show the zipline?

or build

With bezier curves lol

Here is my feedback:

Yes this plugin helps simulate the ziplines instead of you having to guess and or go in game alot of times, but if i disable ziplines then move a point. The zipline re-appears even though I hide it.

Rating: 9.9/10
It’s awesome and I love using it. Good job!

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Hi, I’m making a model where you can test your FE2 maps in studio. Although I finished the sliding script, I just need to make the zipline script, and I was wondering if I can use a part of your plugin (Only the bezier curve part) to make the ziplines. If I can, i’ll make sure to put credit for it!

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Oh sure! Use whatever you want!

Also that bug has been fixed, update the plugin for it to change

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it happens to me

thats supposed to happen lol

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So its different when its on a game?

I just had a massive idea for this, What if you made a 4th button saying.

Test Zipline
And when it is clicked
A Dummy is spawned and he runs through the zipline and dissapears at the end
Could add animation or not.
Your choice but it would be cool.


Or you could somehow load the character’s appearance as r6 and do it as the character but r6 dummy is better and easier