[FINISHED] - Studio Zipline Visualiser!

Kris confirmed he will make this.

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Possibly, worried about security issues lel


installed this a good while ago, really helpful especially for no man’s land’s zipline


Glad I could help :smiley:


no problem at all

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did they fixed the zipline in vertigo system

somehow the ziplines show even hide is on

and also

I think I’ve fixed that, you might have an old version of the plugin, try re installing it.

oh lo

i know right

:gear: New Update :gear:

Zipline visualiser has been revamped, I have cleaned the internal code to be over 400 lines shorter, and fixed all the bugs that have come up. The Plugin will now not make the stats gui parent to the first point of the rope, instead I have used a different method to stop the bug where the stats gui would be present ingame.


Ok thnx, the plugin is a lot smoother now

Just updated this, the show ziplines will no longer hide previous ziplines, and I have added support for my custom zipline module.

:gear: New Feature! :gear:

There is now a new button, Toggle Zipline Accuracy. If this is turned on, ziplines will be created much more precisely.


:warning: Warning :warning:

This feature can be expensive on performance if it used for very long ziplines, due to the amount of parts needed to create the curve, please make sure to be careful when you use this, otherwise you might end up giving roblox studio a heart attack.


someone help I can’t see it when I click show zipline

Update the plugin

I juts downloaded it like rn tho?

Then it should be fine? Try uninstalling and reinstalling it