FLOOD CRIME E1 | A Map Stealer/Map Buffer

The community is full of ppl who support map buffs, we are a small portion of the community. Us just ignoring them won’t make it any better.
The people who support the buffs continue to support. More maps are buffed. Less original maps are made or acknowledged.
So if we just ignore, it will just get worse


okay, you win.

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Uh ok

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good point.

you have a point

Uhh that’s stupid. But at the same time that’s not the only reason.

The thing is that people are not taking action, but instead hating on people, let’s do something like try to get them to try to not making a buff.

Hating on them might make them feel upset and that acts as a forceful way.

Yes, we will pay attention, but we can’t make the person feel extremely bad.

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How about we do nothing at all, and completely ignore the situation?

By bringing attention to this nana2050, you are letting others discover his/her map buffs, making them more popular.

The biggest mistake with all map buffs is the attention brought to them. Ignore them, and almost nobody will discover them.

This person is likely just a kid who just wants to be noticed, and when you keep bashing them for map stealing and map buffing, they don’t know how to act, resulting in responses like “my buffs repair the community while others ruin it.” Despite knowing the fact that these people are all just children who only want attention, you still call them out and over-dramatize the situation. There are two outcomes: One, you could be feeding their ego, OR, two, even worse, hurting them from constant aggression.

Just. Stop. Making. A. Big. Deal. Out. Of. These. Things. I get the mentality of hatred of buffs, and I, myself, also despise them. But you have to have a deeper understanding rather than being both microaggressive and aggressive towards these “map stealers.” You don’t stick to one extreme or the other; you need to examine what’s in the middle.


precisely, if you don’t want your map to have attention, don’t even post it (bad analogy but still works)

These people want their map to have attention though, and people in the community don’t realize that THEY’RE the main ones giving attention to the maps

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The replies above are all true
And they are also important

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Another update about nana! Here’s a community post from RichardiOS275/RichardIosRBX

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdbd31Ia_jWaz_vfPQRWmEA/community?lb=Ugy6ztNFtH5FJN78uat4AaABCQ

He is freaking playing the game himself and he is trying to tell someone to go away. :joy:

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:joy: s/he said to not play Roblox but she’s playing Roblox, so s/he’s the one that has gaming disorder + with a hint of toxic salt

i only make fun of nana because of roleplaying as a mountain one time in CG Games disc server

otherwise, no point in giving like attention to this person

gaming disorder lmao :joy:

#LeftnanaNoAttention lol

update guys, a user name Arzu is attacking CrystalTokyoRBLX by saying this and Arzu is supporting nana (provided by no.#9260)

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This “nana2050” girl is really annoying me!

Second thought from waddledeestar😏#6404

another one


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