Flood Escape 2 finally got an update (wdym?)weird

yeah I got a notif of crazy saying they released the boombox update yaaaay but we still need more mappas

do this in #flood-escape-1 bro

can we have a bruh

dude why u offended from this topic

i mean shadowmap is meh

lift is cool btw

menu is cool

autojoin is ok

Gloomy Manor fix is okay too

bug fixes is fine




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you can mute them?

but its useless to fe2?

i mean all songs of fe2 is like amazing

why crazy needed to add this?

wdym boomboxes are on every game and it was probs the best change,people will now play beanos and we will have more fun

What’s with developers and boomboxes anyways?

a good update would be to make the vip gamepass cheaper

and more maps

u can listen to whatever song u want with boomboxes
nvm U didnt mean that.

That’s not what I was even saying. Like why does almost every single developer add a boombox in their game.


its a very good thing Ig?

bruh moment

yes we will have fun when some random guy will listen copyright music in a game which have their custom OST’s and sounds


you can mute it-


ok but whats the point of making it costs 400 robux? i can spend it on something better

i got to enjoy it rn

ur right lol,but it’d be a super change if it was with gems or around 100 robux

400 is just idk,like bruhhhh