Flood Escape 2 OST Tier List (DominoContributing)

Was originally gonna respond to @Grande_Tony’s Grande tier list though felt like the reply would become too much as a reply, and now as a separate topic. Got the topic idea from him.

Navola, Crazyblox, and BSlick are lads for composing bop tracks for this game, props to them. I’m sharing this tier list as from a composer’s point of view.


Castle Tides


unpopular opinion XDDD: Apparently memeing this map and OST has given extra points to this. Castle Tides is overall my favorite FE2 map because I have an obsession with medieval-type stuff. And its OST is no exception: such a bop, calm soundtrack as well as a really good track to meme from. Instruments are straight fire, with the harp and the big soft strings, especially the harp arpeggios :flushed:. This track is so great to me that I listened to this for two hours straight and even remade it from scratch. Also I put this at the top because if I put it anywhere else, the tier list is bad.



I really adore the Lobby OST because of the ton of piano in it. For those who have listened to my OSTs, you can tell I really love the piano instrument. I personally find both of the versions, old and new, the same ranking, though I actually like the old OST better because I’m more familiar with it and I like the progression of the song. The better strings chorus in the old version definitely makes the old version better than the newer version.

Familiar Ruins

Like the lobby, really love the use of the descending piano arpeggios in this song. The choir is on-point as well as the guitar, capturing the theme of the map pretty well. This song is a really good bop to vibe to as the tension is spot on. Also this is one of the tracks that can be memed on and increase the funny.

Sinking Ship

I find Sinking Ship one of the best OSTs in terms of tension. This really gives the adrenaline and chills everytime I listen to the track. The fact of the map syncs with the music makes it even better. The strings and the piano during the climb-up section is something I really like in a OST. Props to Navola for making this one, this is definitely top-tier material.

Lava Tower

This is also one of the tracks that brings a ton of tension. I really like the choir and the instruments used in this song. Really does capture a lava-volcanic tower feeling. Kept up with this track for a while, even found the liking to it while Navola was making it during his stream.

Sedimentary Temple

Honestly, I find this map to be one of the most forgettable to me, however, the OST for this is really epic. I love the instruments used and even took some inspiration from that into my tracks. The strings though…it’s just :flushed: EPIC.

Lost Desert

This track is awesome. This song really gets catchy at the halfway point, and the guitar used in this does give off vibes from the other OSTs, and would match a desert theme.

Marred Dreams

This has become my favorite Crazyblox OST. I really love the synths and the reverb piano used in this track, it really symbolizes a space and an resurgence track. This is a great track to make especially because it shows the grandness of FE2 returning to its glory.

Oriental Grove (favorite S-Tier Track)

This track is my second favorite track overall. I love the medieval instruments used (which is why this is placed along with Castle Tides. I really like the vibe to this, especially how it’s in 3/4 time signature, the beat to this is vibe material. The orchestral instruments as an addition make this even better, as I also love orchestral music.


Blue Moon

This is a pretty good one I must say. What really makes Navola a straight-on wizard is how he was able to transition the time signature from 4/4 to 7/4 so smoothly. It blows my mind on how creative he can get with the songs he makes. Overall, pretty intense song in terms of gameplay.


I find this one of Crazyblox’s best. I definitely would think his synthwave style would fit this atmosphere of waiting on a lift while spectating. I would also think that it is a bummer we don’t get to hear all of the four minutes this OST has to offer in-game.

Beneath The Ruins (favorite A-Tier Track)

This has got to be Crazyblox’s best track in the game. His style is really cool in terms of this scenario of a map. Also the fact that Crazyblox recorded the vocals of this is pretty impressive on how he implemented it into the track. Actually comparing to the older versions of the BTR OST, you can really tell this really takes the cake for A-Tier. I don’t like Crazyblox’s style as much as Navola, which is why I’m placing it on A-Tier. However, he’s done really well with this track.


Hahahahaha yes, Axiom. This track has a pretty good vibe (though ngl it sounds better if it was deepfried/earraped for the funny :flushed:). I like this, it’s pretty catchy with the 2/4 time signature.

Autumn Hideaway

This comes a close second with the A-Tier. The fact that this is orchestral-themed fits and gets my interest. The strings and the violin is pretty cool for this. Though if Navola finished his version of the remake and if the map didn’t get removed, this would be ranked higher for sure.


I really like the bass progression of this song. I also like the track progression and the filtering of this track. The fact that Navola’s unfinished Sky Sanctuary’s track was transformed into this is pretty impressive, and a good way not to waste effort. Overall, good tension and good melody.

Lost Woods

I find this track pretty old but the track goes pretty smoothly. Orchestra is epic :+1:. ALSO THE PIANO ARPEGGIOS WOW THIS SLAPS.


Northern Workshop

Cool track, I like the jolly feeling and the piano to this song. The fact that there’s a boogie-woogie blues section a bit later into the song is a bit strange but it’s neat.

Gloomy Manor

I find this pretty cool, it’s not too intense but I do like the build-up of this song. Not too much I can say about this song, but it slaps.

Graveyard Cliffside

I find this neat. I like the strings and the piano beginning, once again classic Navola-style but spoopy.


Even though this is technically Marred Dreams reversed, this sounds pretty dreamy. This is cool with its capturing of ambience. However, I’ve had to put it on B tier because reversing songs often have flaws with the effects used, so some portions sound weird. But overall, the map captures with the OST pretty well I must say.

Wild Savannah

I think this is pretty aight. Catchy and captures that feeling of the map. Like what others have said, I don’t find this exactly as exciting and catchy as Freedom Planet’s Dragon Valley’s BGM, would appreciate it if the track gave a similar vibe to something like that. Because that old BGM was GOOD.

Decrepit Seas (favorite B-Tier track)

This is a cool, nostalgic map. I like the approach to this song, gives the aquatic theme pretty well. I personally find this better than the other B-Tier tracks. Though it would be interesting if Navola’s Decrepit Seas Side B was In the game. :thinking:


Decent track. I don’t find this bad, the ambience theme to this is pretty cool. :+1:

Secret Area

Good track from Crazyblox. I think this is cool for something this theme. Cool that he adapted this into the game from a song not originally for Flood Escape 2.

Pro Lobby

Cool track that would fit the theme of a more intensive atmosphere for more experienced players. I mean Navola definitely wanted to go for this theme, so don’t really need to give any criticism to this. Just don’t really like this as much as the Lobby for example, but it’s cool. :+1:


Dark Sci-Facility

Would definitely say this is better than Dark Sci-Forest. Gives the alright feeling as usual. Though I’m not really much into Crazyblox’s style when it comes to OST making, but I find this okay.

Flood Island

I get that this is supposed to be the basic map and OST that symbolizes the game itself. And overall, it did its duties well. It’s pretty cool and average, but guess that’s what Navola was aiming for. Piano is nice in this track.

Cave System

I find this an average track. I overall have mixed feelings about it, overall neutral on this. Instruments are okay for this type of scenario, but this wouldn’t be the track I’d like to listen to for an hour straight.

Sky Sanctuary

Ehhhhhhhhh. This one is something that I wasn’t a big fan of when it released. Personally the old BGM was better, and actually if Navola finished his track, would be 20x better and higher up. This track doesn’t really capture any ambience but this is something I find okay since of the calm atmosphere of this song.

Poisonous Valley (favorite C-Tier track)

Probably is just me, but I don’t really like making slow songs. This fits the map pretty well actually, but in terms of comparing with the other OSTs, I do not find this as good as the others. The slow beat to it is cool. However, comparing to the other C-Tier tracks, this is actually my favorite because I really like the second-half of this song, especially the bells and the harp.


Abandoned Facility

I find this track okay, though has got to be below average. I mean might be from this being an old track, though I’m not too sure about the instruments used, but guess it would fit a map theme like this. The chorus instrument used is not something I’m a fan of.

Dark Sci-Forest

I don’t really like the filtering of this track. The instruments honestly get me annoyed from this. The bass of this song saves it from being too annoying. This track is just strange, but honestly I understand from this because this is an old track of Crazyblox. Comparing from other tracks, definitely has improved from this.


Crystal Caverns

This track is not bad, but I just find it boring honestly. But it isn’t Navola’s fault tbh on this, it’s the map itself. Crystal Caverns is seen as one of the most hated and least supportive out of all the other maps, so wouldn’t see how this would be made any better.


Out of all of the other OSTs, this has got to be my least favorite. I do not like the instruments used in this track. First of all, Snowy Peaks is meant to be ambient, this is how I made it as a composer. I must say that IF Navola finished his version of the OST before BSlick did, Snowy Peaks would have been made hundreds of times better. Honestly but I have to give props to this song because this exact track and the cause of the interruption of Navola’s version of the song is what got me to compose a remade version of Navola’s track. This would be the first OST I would replace if I was able to. No offense to you BSlick at all lad, but just didn’t really capture the ambient feeling and don’t believe this would be as effective if you were focusing on the OST gameplay-wise.

F (bruh tier)

Forgotten Tombs

I just placed this here because Forgotten Tombs literally plagiarized and copied Lava Tower’s OST. Cannot actually give this a rating because of the unchanged BGM. I’d actually give this a rating if there’s was a custom OST here. It’s fine that this didn’t get OST because of this being an event map. Though this returned with the same BGM so can’t really rate this now. Not saying Lava Tower’s OST is bad though, that track’s a bop fr.

This is how I’d rate the tracks. I hope to see more tracks into the game as the new update rolls in. And who knows, because I composed a couple of tracks for maps that have potential to get in the game, maybe I might see my tracks in-game? Up to Crazy’s decision but overall Flood Escape 2 has an awesome soundtrack. :ok_hand:


the castle tides ost is really good, havent seen many people like it Finally someone does

everyone can agree with lobby

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I dont rlly like crystal caverns, but I kinda like the ost


I guess I gotta do this (once I get on my computer) hehe

I guess 80% of people that plays flood escape 2 dislikes the Snowy Peaks OST lol

If you’ve seen Navola’s version from his twitch stream clips, you can tell why it is way better.

“It’s still a legend never to be forgotten up to this day, as seen here.”


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familiar ruins is a bop

bruh tier

forgotten tombs, axiom, and poiseness valley are most unrecognised maps in FE2



i really wanna see Forgotten Tombs’s own OST (and maybe small revamp) in the next update

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