Flood escape and endless mode bugs

When I play endless mode, things happen.

  1. The flood is invisible in the fourth room and beyond.
  2. In some cases, if I die, the game stops working, so I have to restart and sacrifice my hard earned points.

And also, I think there should be a way to save points in case of a server crash. One time, I spent an hour getting enough points for a flood sword. But when I tried a dramatic entry, the server literally crashed, and I lost those points. . .

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wait what is this doing here it should dissapear 3 years later

the sad part about this is that no one cared. well, one person did.

well if a topic like this one is dead, then ask a mod to close it (i won’t because it’s not my job to ping mods to only close dead topics : P)

3 freaking years later?!

y e s