Flood escape

I have over 100 wins by a gravity coil lol :laughing:

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Nice way to flex on us.

Also gravity coil sucky lol.

Wonder who has the most wins anyway. w/o gravity coil

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imagine thinking that we’ll care about something you did that isn’t even that impressive

i have like over 200 wins w/o it, so you could see this coming


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christ dude you killed him

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Looks like we have “another” DrV guy in the forums


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I probably sound quite stupid not knowing what this is, but can you tell me?



In the 2019s, there was a guy named DrVaugnderrick or something like that I forgot

He was creating a lot of useless posts that nobody cares, and he still continues to do it (until he never shows up again)

I just hope this guy isn’t another DrV clone


Ah, thank you.

I was kidding about the gravity bc its like win all the time like it sucks ngl

Flood Escape 2 is a parkour-adventure game created by Crazyblox Games. It is the second game that has been created in this series, its predecessor is Flood Escape


Flood escape

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