Flooded Canyon

Status: Gathering Support
Whitelisted, Still being updated

Description of Map
Go through caves to reach the exit before the flood gets you!
Id 5710595376
Pictures of Map-
Screenshot 2020-09-25 13.13.37|690x342

change the water color, it looks ugly and stands out really bad
also what stud increment did you use when making this

1st room. fine I guess
just add like vines to the walls
2nd room: same thing
3.instead of copy pasting trees, add some diversity instead with rocks and others, also change the leaves to something not lime green and the grass a different color
Last room is overall plain, anything would help there honestly

The last room isnt realy a room as much as a tunnel, but ill add some more detail there then
And i get it about the trees ill do something about them

the walls in the cave look very raw

i hate on how the trees are copy-pasted and are all in some sort of line

and the terrain is very unsmooth, as well as a lot of the map being unsettling for my eyes

overall i find this map needs a lot of improvements, re-check and remake the map please.

the area with all brown slate is dry and needs detail
the area with the green (trees?) looks very unappealing

there’s space for improvement. it looks slightly decent, i believe you can do this!

make i bit more terrain details

is it even possible to make it out of the 2nd room cause i keep dying right when i try to walk to the exit of said room

i just made it outside but i have no idea how i am supposed to make to that tunnel in time when the lava turns into acid

You just have to go as fast as you can if you dont then you die

she plays on mobile

who is she


isn’t dire a “he” tho

ye transgender

The tress look a bit too small.
The platforms need a little more detail, well it’s quite fine. Friday I will test it and respond.
It looks like the tress are free models, and
The placement of the air tank looks confusing.
I can barely see arrows, which makes the gameplay confusing.
I can give you a vote instead

How can people reach the first button?

Also you can make for example, a dusty canyon.
What about a magic log which appears after a button
that leads you to another island?
Is this your first map?


Ye its my first official map like I made a few but was just learning how to make them, Ye I probably should add arrows cause when i played with others they didn’t know where to go…
The truss arent free models i used Truss parts,
and yeah ill add more detail.
Edit: Also i forgot to add screenshots of an update i did a while i did

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