Flooded trASh

who said so


you said it bad bruh

i am revamping it

cause i said its bad doesnt mean its discontinued lol


Welp ,

Ok I forgot about the revamp. May start it again today.

lies nob xdddd

flooded trASh

Sword Art Online?

ok so may start the layout of the new ver lol

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okay cool bro

Maybe it’s NOT “trASh”.

Ok why did you revive this :c

Sorry :neutral_face:

Did you not want anyone to revive it?

I discontinued this map so kinda yeah

Where’s the “trASh” part?

Everywhere lol
The name is a joke though I dislike the map

Then why did you make it? Lol

Oh, wait. For fun.

I liked it back then not now :expressionless: