Floody Caverns

Status: Finished & Whitelisted

Description of Map

This map is comprised of several flooded caverns and tunnels you must swim through to escape.

I got too much excitement from harder maps, so I decided to make a lazy map that is heavy on swimming.

ID: 4787072657

Pictures of Map

Old Pictures


2 pics?


oh, okay. please add more details, wedges, or other materials because rn it just looks like a grey box.

Try not to add wall jumps in easy maps and normal maps.

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blocky but looks promising

It’s quite fine. I get it’s a WIP, but make sure to add more obstacles, objects, etc. I don’t find the first photo too appealing at the moment.


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I’ve been lazy with taking pictures. I’ve been using Left Shift + P while playing my maps so I don’t have to do figure out the lighting manually. The marker is a side-effect of that.

i’m not gonna go into the design just yet, i’m just here to say that you shouldn’t make a forum post that early in development.

wow my first map vote
i dont understand how my September mind found this map good

it isn’t your first map vote
it’s just on how long the post has been inactive

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damn im st00pid :facepalming_dystopiangamerfe2:

I had not forgotten about this, so I spent a few nights to finish it.

I hope you guys like it!

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